world fusion, new age, relaxation and meditation music by Karunesh

Nirvana Café

Release Date 2002
Genre: New Age / Relaxation
10 tracks - 54:03

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Nirvana Cafe - new age and relaxation music by Karunesh

"... I really like the variety of sounds and moods on this album. Although intensely spiritual in nature, Nirvana Cafe conveys more of a zest for life than many recordings of this type. Some of the tracks are quiet meditations, but others bring in strong bass and percussion, just begging to have the volume cranked up a few notches! Govi contributes outstanding guitar work on four tracks, and the rest of the varied sounds are multi-instrumentalist Karunesh working his musical wizardry ... all of the tracks are really good ... there really are no weak spots. Very highly recommended!" - Kathy Parsons,
Solo Piano Publications


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